Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hi, March.

So I see I have not blogged since November.


This happened to me last year, too - it seems to be an occupational hazard. Once the school year gets in swing, I don't have as much time to while away on the interwebs. Or, I do, but this year I've been spending it starting a masters degree and making another record, and having a brief romance with someone I had known for 20 years end poorly.

The good news is, N. has been rocking the early bedtimes in the big-girl bed. Also, I have a new record and almost 1/10th of a masters degree.

Christmas was lovely, New Years' was quiet, Valentine's day was...also quiet. School's going pretty well, thanks. And you?

Oops, that was the dryer. Right back...

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Mandy said...

Well, hi there.